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My name is Ubah Nur, and I am seeking the DFL endorsement for City Council in Ward 10. Like many of my fellow residents of Ward 10 and Minneapolis, my family came here to have better lives and a better education. I am running because I believe that I can lead our council in making the changes in our community – the changes that will allow our children a better future, a better understanding, and a better place to live. We need a city government that makes it possible for working people to remain in our community.

I am proud of the hard work I put into our community since I graduated from University with a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Service. I helped many diverse communities to overcome barriers, find their first employment, and to start their first business. I also assisted in connecting them to resources, and to deal with complicated processes, like completing the paperwork required to register with the Secretary of State’s office.

As the only Black Muslim woman from the immigrant community in the Ward 10 race, I will employ my intersectional identity to bring together our communities to one table. I have strong problem-solving skills and can find a consensus between multiple groups, and will lead others to join me in addressing the needs of our community. I am running to listen to the community, and I am a good decision-making person when the problems need to be solved. I have great communications skills and I am here to help our community come together, so we can have a better future, and a better economy that works for all of us.


We need your help! We want to make positive change in the Ward 10. Will you help organize for caucus, knock on doors, make phone calls, or raise funds?

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