Things have to change. Our current system profits off the poor, the incarcerated, the sick, and other marginalized populations, making the rich richer and continuing to push down those who struggle. It is time to give agency to the people. Paul Wellstone famously said, “we all do better when we all do better.” For us to all do better, we need a revamped system that stops tax breaks for huge companies, increases federal investments in housing, education, and healthcare, and increases income tax for the very wealthy. We need to take control of our broken system because it’s our Minnesota.

Affordable Housing

For us to make progress as a society, I believe we have start at home – the place where we have the necessary conversations about the serious issues that our community is facing. However, for this to happen, everybody needs a home. This is why I stand in favor of the affordable housing and rent stabilization amendment. I believe that everyone needs to have an affordable place to live. Rents keep rising because Ward 10 has some of the most-popular neighborhoods in the city, but we don’t have enough housing to keep up with the demand. I support public investment in more housing. Also, no one should be thrown out from their home or their apartment if they cannot pay their rent. The solutions are there – rental assistance, rent stabilization, subsidized housing, and with the upcoming federal infrastructure bill, what will likely be millions in cash directly to our ward. I will fight to assure that we spend this money equitably, to get people into a stable place to live.

Justice and Public Safety

I know how important it is to feel safe and protected in our community. In the past year, we’ve seen racial injustice, the killing of George Floyd, and unrest in our communities – all while dealing with the tragedies within the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve seen similar incidents of injustice not just in Minnesota, but all over the United States. My Ward 10 neighborhood especially suffered. Just in the last few months, we’ve witnessed crimes such as gun violence, rape, theft of money, and brutal carjackings aimed at women and elders.

  • We need to feel protected by the police, not afraid of them – which is why I support police reform.
  • We need to revisit their training methods so they better serve the city and our communities.
  • We need a police unit that does their jobs in a safe manner.

This is possible, in a community-oriented way, where we protect each other and protect our loved ones.

Economic Justice

For many of us, vaccinations and the American Rescue Act are allowing the economy to re-open. We are about to see a financial rebound from the previous president’s horrific mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this recovery may still leave our most vulnerable residents out of the new prosperity.


We need an economy that is inclusive to all – one that creates jobs in our community that pay enough to allow our residents to stay in Ward 10. I have a record of helping multiple people start their first business – and can bring that skill to our city council.


I will fight for workers’ rights – including the rights of independent contractors, who often fall through the cracks of our labor laws.

Disability Rights

I will push our city to prioritize improvement of our services for people with disabilities. Our disability community has been ignored for too long – that needs to end! We need sidewalks that allow greater mobility, and a cityscape that allow pedestrians, bikes, wheelchairs, and cars to co-exist in a safe way, with people-friendly speed limits so nobody is put in danger just for legally crossing a street.


I know how important it is for our community to have a clean environment. I support the push towards using renewable energy, and how the 2040 Plan will allow us to reduce our carbon footprint. While most environmental issues are world-wide, we need to, as the bumper sticker says, think globally and act locally. Immigrant communities are more likely to be employed in jobs that are not set up for “work-from-home”, meaning we have to travel to and from work. As a member of the council, I can push for greater emphasis on walkable streets, low-emission transit options, and a less car-dependent city.

Be a Delegate for Ubah!

It’s easy to be a delegate – first, go to this website before midnight on April 30:
Enter your information, then when it asks you for a preference in Ward 10, select Ubah Nur as your first choice.

Then, click “yes” to being a Ward Delegate.

Finish filling out the information, then click “submit”. Five days later, you’ll get a postcard in the mail from the DFL. Follow the directions on the card, then you will most likely be a delegate!

In June, you will get an email with your chance to vote for your choice of city council member. Please vote for Ubah, and ask your friends to do the same!

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